Very many organisations experience major building work. The work generally goes on behind a wooden barrier constructed by the contractor. It provides a large amount of space to generate awareness and create interest. SignLondon is able to create very powerful, impactful messages for these fences than can be easily read by any passer-by. Through the use of  paint and vinyls we can announce building projects, publicise the opening of a building, show off your property before and after construction, sell or lease space, direct customers to your sales office.

The Kingston Academy is a new school occupying an old building that needed a serious amount of refurbishment. The wooden fence was up for almost a year on which we had created a hoarding that told local residents about the new school, when it would open and details on how to apply.

Vinyl products on di-bond panels  |  Vinyl graphics directly on to hoarding material  |  Cut-out images  |  3D shaping  |  Illumination