High quality external signs are a 24/7 sales tool for an organisation. They point potential customers, residents, pupils or patients to your location and make you stand out from the crowd.  The key to the success of an external sign is where the sign is situated, its size and presentation.

As every organisation is different, sign systems have to be tailored to each one’s specific needs. SignLondon offers a wide range of different types of signs, made from different materials, with a variety of different mounting options.

At the end of the process we leave you with a sign system that maximises the stand out of your organisation, consists of high quality signs positioned optimally and is entirely in line with your overall communications strategy.

For Graveney School, we installed an external sign system of more than 20 signs, including large pillar and post signs, 3D lettering wall mounted entrance signs and a series of wayfinding and building denoting signs across the school site.

Fascia signs   |   Industrial estate signs   |   Illuminated signs   |   Directional signs   |   Post and panel signs  |  Monolith signs   |   Road signs   |   Site safety signs   |   Fire assembly point signs   |   Plaques   |   A-boards