Exhibitions & Retail

Exhibitions are a very effective way of communicating with your customer. The space available at most exhibitions varies hugely from a few square metres to hundreds of square metres. SignLondon can deliver to you a bespoke exhibition stand to suit your requirements, ranging from a small, mobile banner unit to a large one-off stand. We consult with you on the type of exhibition space you have and what needs to be communicated, design the graphics, plan and build the stand and erect it on-site.

Roche Diagnostics taps into our flexible approach to exhibition stands. The company attends numerous exhibitions every year. Some require large areas to be filled, others just a small area. 

For the large areas we create large format graphics and produce videos for display on plasma screen. For the smaller areas, and for large events they host, we create and produce single- and double- width roller banners.

We have considerable experience in creating and producing displays in the retail environment. For Scholl we created a series of stylish lifestyle window hanging posters supported by more informational posters positioned on walls in the shops.

We have worked with several cafes to develop signage including logos, menu boards, table top menus, and the commissioning of photographs to adorn the walls.

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